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the underground song critic's review of: Incontinent Student Bodies issue 2

... damn you, Fkpuz, whoever the hell you are, damn you straight to hell...

yup, as it turns out, i now HAVE to review ISB since i now have access to it. theres now a youtube video devoted to this garbage on wheels. its times like thiese i wish i didnt look at ED and learn of this comic's existance. id be a happier man if i didnt. but, although i said i gave up on this thing, i am running out of fanfic to wade  through. and now that its available, i Have to review this. so, lets not waste any time, as much as i want to right now, lets start the suicide note-- i mean review...

so we start with a authors note saying that this is a surprise episode because ISB was at first intended to be a joke. if theres a joke anywhere in sight, its on me... we now cut to Josh, the authors fursona no doubt, and Daphne, who came all the way from scotland with her brother dirk... dirk... and daphne?... DIRK and DAPHNE!?? oh my god, the freaking author named two characters in this nightmare after the protagonist and princess of the DRAGONS LAYER GAME SERIES!?? wow, one panel in, and im already ticked off! this comic really is the gift that keeps on giving, ISNT IT!? she says that her brother has difficulties adapting to life in furmerica. she says "for all his size, he's still got the weakness..."gee, i wonder what that weakness is...

oh, he dosnt like being messed with, eh, for a second there, i thought that--

[DAPHNE: he'll be wantin a change now, no doubt.]

oh no...

[moments later...] [DIRK: och, Daph, i'm in a needful way...]

oh god no...

ah, for the love of crap, Dirk's in diapers. im not really shocked, this comics notorious for this kind of thing. so, as there... ch-changing him... we learn that Daphnes been responcible for changing her brother, her BIG BROTHER's, diapers for as long as she remembers. josh helps the horse with no shread of dignity left (although just a few moments ago he just punted a smartass half a yard) change his sorry ass (my god, i never thought the comic was THIS BAD!!!) Dirk thanks josh for the help.

[JOSH: believe me, it was my pleasure.]

... ... ... wow, that just kept me quiet for three elipses, this comic is pure evil...

oh, look; daphne figures out that Josh wears diapers too because the fag just shat himself. let the sick imagery continue...

[one quick change later...]

OH THANK GOD! were spared from that torture, lets just see how long that lasts, shall we? OH GREAT! Daphnes a diaperfur too, I REALLY HATE THIS COMIC! of course, Dirk figures this out as
she takes a nap. she says that she didnt want to be embarrased doing what she did. Dirk says its ok, and offers to... change Daphne... no... just- just no... oh good, another moment of mercy. again, lets see how long it lasts...the next day, we meet Dougie, a 15 year old, and youngest furfag in ashton Hall. ... he pees himself playing DDR with his friends... jesus...


... youre kidding me... he- he just BAWWWWWed! oh, dont tell me this is where it came from!?! ok,
ED search 'BAWWWWW'...

... it relinked me to ISB... oh christ, THIS is where BAWWWWW came from!? and Encyclopedia Dramatica knew it all along??!? IM NOT TOLD ANYTHING ANYMORE!!!

ok, so, what does a humanoid rabbit do after inventing a meme? BECOME A DIAPERFUR OF COURSE! jesus, never, since For Your Eyes Only, have i EVER wanted to pull the plug this bad on a review before. i want to, but i fear kharma might hit me again. i believe that this youtube video im reading is kharma; i said i never wanted to review this, and now this video exists, meaning i now have the tools nesissary to review it. the last thing i want to do right now is piss kharma off any further, so,
lets continue...

part 2 starts with a fox human carrying a box. all of a sudden he hears a noise. a fag by the name JD pops in, offering assistance to the fox, now revealed to be named Aaron. it turns out Aaron is a new student {MARY SUE ON BOARD!} and was looking for his dorm. JD directs him to room 404, after that, we learn that JD is a diaperfur, JEEZUS! and his parents didnt like that, thank god. they put him
on a strict bathroom curfew to try to fix him, but that didnt help. finally, he says that he had enough and pisses himself in the middle of a busy hallway, with a pose like hes about to save the world, no less.  sure he gets teased, but he dosent care, because hes being true to himself, GOD HOW MUCH LONGER IS THIS!????? then we meet Jonathan, whos gay for JD... oh my god, this is just an insult to gays everywhere...

PENCIL: even im offended, and i just spent all weekend watching three men fu-
PENCIL: bite me, big boy!
BH0: UGH!... oh, that? ... that was a pencil i pretend has the personality of Clarence from Code Monkeys. im not crazy...
PENCIL: then why are you talking to an imaginary gay pencil then?
BH0: i pulled an all nighter playing Sonic 2006, i admit im not really sound of mind right now, now LEAVE ME ALONE, PENCIL!
PENCIL: make me, stud!
BH0:AGH!!! (breaks Pencil) now, where was i? oh yeah, this...

it turns out Jonathan and JD met at a gay and lesbian party. he was looking for a fuck buddy when he came across JD, they were about to- GAAAA!!! NO, I HAD IT UP TO HERE WITH THE DIAPER FETISH, YOU HAVE TO INCLUDE A GAY BLOWJOB!?? WHAT THE HELL!???

PENCIL: i see nothing wrong with that
BH0: what the- no, NOO!!! i broke you!!! I BROKE YOU!!! you cant unbrake yourself!!!
PENCIL: im already as broke as brokeback mountain!
BH0: GET OUT!!! (throws Pencil out of a window)

anyway, before this thing becomes too much to bear, jonathan jizzes in his pants. insert lonley island joke here. JD says he suffers from the same thing, and they been together ever since. ... im so close to losing it right now... next, we cut to Jesus... no, not THAT Jesus, this is a spanish Llama and his name is pronounced {Hey-Soos}. we learn that back when he was a kid, he was friends with a young rabbit named Mateo, and makes it no secret he was gay for him. one day, Mateo shits his pants and Jesus comes to his aid, and eventually, comes in his ass... UUUUUUUGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH... ... ... op, three more elipses... that cant be good. and now, we meet Cheese-Cube, whos a humanoid mouse. the mouse had a stalker on his ass, constantly giving him little baby toys and crap. as it turns out, the stalker is a lion named Denzil, who was gay for little Cheese-Cube.

PENCIL: what i wouldnt give to be in cheese-cube's position right now!
BH0: ugh, just, just go away... please?...
PENCIL: ok, i had plans anyway, HOO! im about to be paddled like a kayak!

uh... anyway,  we meet another furfag named Kiwi, who, unlike all thiese other fags, was forced into diapers by a crippling car accident. this wasnt enough to kill him... FUCK!!! no, instead hes bound to diapers for the rest of his life. this would be sad if this whole comic didnt revolve around DIAPER AND FURRY FETISHES! seriously, you cant go two paces in this comic without this kind of faggotry happening! and begs the question why i started this review?! oh yeah, kharma... im afraid if i dont review it, ill have to eventually review the whole series! and i really dont want THAT to happen. anyway, Aaron finds himself in the same room of all thiese fags as its revealed that he ALSO PISSES
HIMSELF! its the gift that keeps on giving, and it NEEDS. TO. STOP!!! the fags welcome him to the fold, wearing nothing but diapers, of course... and that is where it ends, thank god!!! this comic IS THE WORST THING I EVER REVIEWED!!! this comic is the most unpleasent thing to EVER grace the internet, IRL, youtube, or ANYWHERE! all the characters are cardboard, the stories it tells makes me want to gouge my minds eye out with a rusty cleaver, and even though theres no sex or anything, the comic finds ways to disturb readers, both mentally and morally! there i reviewed ISB! you
guys happy?? IM NOT!!! whoever made this dreck is a raging HACK!!! ...but you know whats so good about finally making this review? ... ... i reviewed ISB! i NEVER HAVE TO DO IT EVER AGAIN!!!
the review, its here, its queer, its furry, RUN FOR IT!!!
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greenreaper Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2014  Hobbyist Interface Designer
The "joke" is that there is a gay furry college slice-of-life comic called Associated Student Bodies. ISB is basically that but younger and with diapers.
blackheartzero Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2014
So the joke is that it's the same damn story, except they added a diaper fetish?
How in the seven burning circles of Ashton Hall is that supposed to be funny?!
KarisPlayground Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2012
Thanks for your review! I've never seen anyone put more effort into a review. Glad you enjoyed! :)
blackheartzero Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2012
enjoyed... ? i mean, i could name 2 other things i reviewed that ISB was nothing compared to in the insanit department, but really? "enjoyied" wouldn't be a word i would use.
KarisPlayground Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2012
Yes, I was being ironic. It's clear that you didn't enjoy it, but what I found delightful-- and ironic-- is that, despite you not liking it, you spent the most time going through the entire thing, more than anyone who's ever commented on it.

People who LOVE the comic don't go through it as thoroughly as you did. It's kind of funny! I just want to thank you for spending so much time and effort on something you didn't like. Warms my heart.
blackheartzero Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2012
oh, ironic, eh? ok. also,
"despite you not liking it, you spent the most time going through the entire thing, more than anyone who's ever commented on it."
... ... ...
oh god...
KarisPlayground Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2012
blackheartzero Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2012

(hijack's a plane and fly's to FkPuz (wherever the hell he is) and nukes his place of residence)

seriously, screw that guy, i liked it better when i coudn't review it because i didn't have a way of reading it...
KarisPlayground Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2012
There's a #5 now, you know. Just came out.
blackheartzero Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2012
ha! jokes on you! i swore on my ancestor's grave a long time ago that i would never look at that sore of dipravity ( <= no idea what i said right there ) again!

also, i have no way of reading it, you'd normally have to buy the bloody thing, the reason i was able to review #2 was because it was on a youtube video, even so, why would i Want to buy it just to review it!?
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